Our Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Power Invest is unique in the Infrastructure Development field. Power Invest's support companies have combined their experience, skills and Intellectual Property to form a complete service offering. 

CJM Consulting’s roots in Original Equipment Manufacturing/rer, or OEMs, mean we have wide-ranging yet in-depth technical knowledge of power generation options and, crucially, for our fast-power service, insider knowledge of the OEM supply chain. We are able to access the best equipment at the best prices.

Xaris Development grew from a specialist large-infrastructure-asset construction and management background. Xaris has harnessed this background, which coupled with our proprietary, tested power project financial models, ensures a robust, considered approach to project development. Our projects are carefully screened using a specifically developed Xaris Toolset, and selected to ensure bankability.

Thomassen International has been honing our O&M skills since 1998. We have developed specialized O&M approaches, adjusted and refined for projects in challenging environments. We perform repairs and parts supply based on in-house engineering in state-of-the-art workshop facilities. We provide specialist engineers who can conduct scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and emergency call outs for heavy duty gas turbines, including major overhauls of frame gas turbines.  


LNG – clean, efficient, sustainable and flexible.

Power Invest have partnered with 88KPrime to develop a virtual gas pipeline, bringing LNG to new markets, and enabling growth for new clients.