Identify the need

Power Invest has considerable expertise and experience – we combine our engineering and consulting skills to read the market and trends, and identify real opportunities. Our team’s financial and legislative background also ensures we are able to understand and navigate the complex funding needed to develop projects in developing countries. We also leverage our considerable connections in the oil, gas and energy industries to source opportunities.

Our consulting services are also invaluable to clients that need extra assurances for development projects of their own, and our experts at Xaris are often called upon to assist with financial and technical viability and due diligence assessments.


Develop the solution

A successful energy solution involves careful design from the sourcing of fuel to the transmission of electricity. Our experienced design team engineers have in-depth knowledge of various fuel sources, particularly Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). We have established a reliable and highly-cost completive LNG virtual pipeline through one of our partners, 88KPrime. Our engineers and financial experts are up-to-date on all power infrastructure technologies, project structuring and financial modelling. This ensures that we develop efficient designs and bankable solutions.


Bring the project to life

CJM Management Consulting brings significant international partnerships with Fuel, OEM and EPC companies to the Power Invest fold. We are able to source the equipment needed for our projects at competitive prices, and in tight time frames, thus ensuring fast implementation of our power projects. The knowledge we have of the industry and the network we have also means we are highly agile in adapting solutions to our client’s often changeable or challenging circumstances. We carefully balance environment, social and economic factors to ensure successful implementation.


Keep the energy going!

We realise that sustainability and reliability are a crucial part of a successful power  project – Thomassen Group, one of the Power Invest support companies, is an internationally-experienced O&M company, this ensures we offer our clients excellent power availability and plant-life-time reliability. We also bring to bear Xaris’ significant infrastructure-asset management skills, to ensure an integrated management approach that gives low-cost, high-value power to our clients.